Use the following tutorial to dispatch drivers.

Dispatch Overview: Dispatching a driver will notify the driver of an entire booking, or segments of a booking that the company would like them to drive. The driver will be notified via email, and the booking will appear in their system. The driver is then required to Accept/Reject the trip. The drivers acceptance of a trip will show their name in a green font on all pages that have a Driver(s) column. Driver rejections will result in their name being removed from the portion of the trip that they've rejected, plus an email notification will be sent to the companies admins/dispatchers.

Note: You can only dispatch a driver that is already assigned to the segment(s) you'd like to dispatch. See "How do I Assign Drivers?" for information on how to assign a driver.

Desktop/Mobile Instructions

Method #1 (Booking Summary Page)

  1. From any page, select the booking you'd like to dispatch driver(s) to.
  2. Locate the Driver(s) section close to the top of the booking summary page.
  3. Click "Dispatch" next to the driver you'd like to dispatch for each segment of the booking.